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Welcome to musicsoloud, this is a community were you can find the lonely unsubbed videos and performances that you might not find somewhere else. I will also upload new releases as well, they may not be right away but I'll get to them. I try to sub a variety of videos from Japan, China and Korea but Korean music is my bias, and tends to be what I sub the most. Please leave a comment if you are going to download a video, it makes me happy with a simple "Thank you" since I put a lot of effort into the video I release for you guys, and it makes me happy ^_^. Have fun looking throught the subbed goodies in thecommunity!

Important links

- Rules (Please read them!)
- Affiliates (Post here be affiliated with community)
- Updates Post (To know what is going to be uploaded, being subbed and what will be subbed)
- Request Page (Can't seem to find a video? Post here for it to be subbed)
- Broken Links (Report any broken or deleted links found in the community)
- Facebook (To know when I've uploaded anything or any updates I have)
- Dailymotion (Watch the videos I have subbed but haven't upload yet)
- Last.fm (Know what I am blasting on repeat over and over again)
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Community Info

Welcome to Music so loud! This is a community were you can find the lonely unsubbed videos that you might not find somewhere else! The videos I sub are ones that I couldn't find anywhere T^T, or I just didn't like the ones out. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the subs that I post up! Don't forget to join the community for the locked goodies!