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All the lonely unsubbed videos of China, Japan, and Korea

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Why did I make this community? To hardsub the videos that's others didn't and share it with everybody. I will sub anything that enjoy and can enjoy while subbing, you'll find Korean, Chinese and Japanese subbed videos here. Probably from on country than others. A lot of the times the videos I sub will most likely be the ones that I have never seen subbed by anyone so that you can enjoy those songs.

1. Check out the updates post here to see what I am currently subbing, needs to be uploaded what I will sub and what will be resubbed in HD.
2. If you've looked around and can't find the video you want subbed, request it here. You might finally get that video subbed and be able to sing along!
1. Join the community to see the older post filled with the lovely goodies
To see the older subbed videos, or music uploads you must join the community to see them, everything is public for two days then they are locked
2. Ask before posting my videos on a forum/blog/mesageboards etc.
3. DO NOT take and post on any streaming sites
4. DO NOT edit my video by removing the credit and claiming it as your own

Subbing takes a lot of time to do, and I'm doing this because people like to sing along with their favorite songs (I know I do!) If you take out please ask and give credit! it's all that I ask.

The rules are simple, so please follow them so that everybody can enjoy their favorite videos being subbed!
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