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Hey guys, it's almost the end of the year here in NYC. In Just under two hours the ball in Times Square drops to bring in the new year. It's been a crazy year, with lots of crazy events happening good and bad. Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us. I'm spending my dad watching Adventure Time and The Big Bang Theory. Hope you guys are having fun with your friends and family. I just want to thank you guys for supporting my community for the past couple of months. In just the little amount I have been active I have gotten 600+ members, you guys are amazing! Even though livejournal had been down a lot, hopefully next year it'll improve and won't push back releases, and people won't leave. If you are planning to move over to dreamwidth don't worry I've opened an account over there as well with the same user and community names. I was hoping to get in a last release before the new year but I've been busy with life. Plus the Gayo Daejun festivals have distracted me with their performances. Anyway I'm rambling to much now, I hope you guys have an amazing night bringing in the new year, be safe and don't get to drunk that you'll regret any thing ^_^.

Happy New Years everyone!


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