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Happy New Years everyone, it is now 2013 here on the east coast! Hope you guys are having fun with your friends and family. I just want to thank you guys for continuing to support my community the last year. This past year has been crazy in the k-pop scene with the amount of comebacks, scandals, debuts, Psy's Gangnam Style being crazy popular and the first youtube video to ever hit a billion views, the election here in the US and the other things that have happened in the world as well. Of course there were some ups, I got to see the Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and Big Bang perform, and some downs, but that's life and what can you do? 2013 seems more promising than 2012 was, I will continue subbing videos nothing will stop me, just slow me down a little, but not stop me ^_^. For those of you who haven't celebrated the new year yet I hope you guys have an fun bringing in the new year, be safe and don't do anything that you'll regret later and for those who have already celebrated Happy New Years!

To 2013 being a better year than 2012 for everyone!


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Welcome to Music so loud! This is a community were you can find the lonely unsubbed videos that you might not find somewhere else! The videos I sub are ones that I couldn't find anywhere T^T, or I just didn't like the ones out. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the subs that I post up! Don't forget to join the community for the locked goodies!